Terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable to all residential and commercial structures in which Home Demolitions is contractually engaged to provide services.

  1. Prior to any demolition works, the owner of the proposed site is required by law to notify all residents of surrounding properties within a 20 meter radius of the land title’s boundaries. If supplying private certification, Home Demolitions will provide all relevant documents necessary upon approval of CDC by the certifier. You will be required to print and deliver the notifications no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled demolition commencement date. A signed declaration that this preliminary activity has been conducted is required to be signed and returned to Home Demolitions detailing the date and address that each notification was delivered. Failure to complete this exercise may result in delays to demolition proceedings and consequently result in stand-down, delay or rebooking charges.
  2. All services requested of Home Demolitions are subject to Council Approval, including but not limited to removal of trees. By definition in accordance with most Sydney Councils, shrubs and bushes are limited to no more than 3 meters in height and exist exclusively within a 3 meter perimeter of structural walls of the residence. Trees outside of the afore mentioned parameters require additional arborist reports and corresponding applications. A copy of approval for all works to be completed must be supplied to Home Demolitions prior to site establishment, additional charges may be incurred to extend site operations as a result of delays.
  3. Gas utility disconnection can only be performed by the title holder of the property and must be executed prior to commencing any work on the site. Standard protocol as dictated by most Sydney Councils requires the gas line to be removed and capped at the mains which is usually off the property at the nearest street juncture. Allow at least 21 days for disconnection as the process generally involves a combined effort of both the gas retailer (service meter) and the infrastructure wholesales (gas service pipe lines) – Do not hesitate to contact Home Demolitions for assistance or information pertaining to gas or other utility disconnection. Delays resulting from failure to disconnect utilities will result in the immobilisation and remobilisation of all machinery and personal on site incurring the cost of transport ($575+gst) each way and a minimum of 4 hours per person at industry standard rates OR a stand down rate of ($690+gst) per day whilst awaiting utility disconnection. The title holder will be held accountable for any damage caused to gas lines or the failure to have the utility correctly abolished thus requiring an emergency call out.
  4. Nbn utility disconnection must be executed prior to commencing any work on the site as by law only nbn and their authorised contractors may work on nbn assets and infrastructure. Do not hesitate to contact Home Demolitions for assistance or information pertaining to nbn or other utility disconnection. Delays resulting from failure to disconnect utilities will result in the immobilisation and remobilisation of all machinery and personal on site incurring the cost of transport ($575+gst) each way and a minimum of 4 hours per person at industry standard rates OR a stand down rate of ($690+gst) per day whilst awaiting utility disconnection. The title holder will be held accountable for any damage caused to nbn assets and infrastructure.
  5. Home Demolitions will provide prerequisite demolition paperwork needed for DA lodgement and approval. Should the application also require a site contour plan, your builder will be able to supply a copy to relevant authorities.
  6. The title holder is responsible for ensuring that Home Demolitions can adequately access the site which includes provisions to minimum clearance of the driveway from overhead utility lines, water meters, utility junctions and pits. In the instance that access for machinery and trucks is encumbered; Home Demolitions will take all precautionary steps to proceed with works however takes no responsibility for any damage incurred as a result of restricted access to the site. The extent of liability extends too and is the assumed responsibility of the title holder including but not limited to driveways of adjacent properties, concrete, nature strips, utility pits, roads and gutters. Further measures recommended but not necessary include obtaining copies of utility infrastructure plans and installing cross over protection, which can be provided at additional cost. Any damage caused to driveways, laybacks or invert crossings of the property to be demolished by either the landing or removal of machinery, trucks or personnel is an inherent risk of the demolition exercise and thus in certain instances unavoidable for which Home Demolitions will accept no responsibility for during or after the engaged scope of contract works.
  7. For instances where a front fence is to be removed with footings and/or foundations, as with all works exercised by Home Demolitions, the greatest of care is taken to ensure that any underground utilities or infrastructure is undisturbed. However Home Demolitions does not accept responsibility for any damage to under earth services located directly below or within 300mm of the original placement of the fence/footings/foundations. Any adjacent fences affected by the removal of the contracted materials will need to be addressed/repaired by the title holder, this includes concrete, brick, timber or any material joining the two sections of fencing together.
  8. Subject differing area council regulations, tree protection and environmental control measures may need to be implemented. Standard tree protection is charged at $365.00+GST per tree if established whilst on site only. If tree protection is required prior to the commencement of our scope of works, the cost per tree extends to $430.00+GST with additional allowance for timber, mesh and strapping. Home Demolitions is not responsible for any tree removed or damaged that is unmarked to remain or without protective measures. Silt barriers and sediment control measures are subject to the requirements of the specific Council and will be quoted separately upon request of the title holder in accordance to plans and diagrams of the specifics required. Environmental control measures can be left on site for the duration of the building process if required, feel free to check with your builder if similar provisions have already been calculated into your new home build. Note: Failure to action mandatory compliances can result in council penalties against the title holder, in this instance, Home Demolitions assumes no liability for any penalties incurred.
  9. Provisions made for the disconnection of electrical networks outlined within Home Demolitions’ standard residential quotations are limited to a standard household power connection consisting of insulated cable running from a service pole to the front of the property. Items not detailed in this scope are underground connections, multiple meters or split utilities, overhead infrastructure that requires the operation of additional machinery or staff. Additional charges apply for the property to be reconnected to a temporary pole which is calculated in accordance with the specific situation upon request.
  10. The title holder, project manager or client is responsible for ensuring that pools are empty and free of water prior to demolition. Home Demolitions can arrange for the pumping of pools which will be charged in accordance with the distance to the nearest stormwater location for extraction.
  11. All flora defined as a tree (see section 2) requires council approval with standard procedure unless otherwise dictated to have stumps ground in accordance with the natural grade of the property. Trees that require removal are to be clearly marked with a pink cross prior to demolition and barrier tape implemented around those which are scheduled to stay on the property (see section 8). Trees situated on the border of a property can be removed however Home Demolitions assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred to neighbouring fences, structures or services as a result of the removal of trees or vegetation within 300mm of the property’s boundaries. Trees on communal or council property are not included within any private residential quote. Should you require additional tree removal from public land, a copy of council approval will be required prior to the commencement of site works. Home Demolitions is not responsible for any tree removed or damaged without sign, protection, tape or other indication that the tree is to remain.
  12. Any structure constructed of materials other than dual layers of brick are quoted in price with the assumption that gyprock linings have been applied to internal walls and ceilings of the structure unless expressed otherwise within the quotation. Home Demolitions upon providing a quotation pertaining to suspended or ground slabs make allowances for materials based upon the knowledge that they are a pure product. Any contamination of concrete slabs or poured structures whether hazardous or not incur additional charges to compensate for the required additional tipping fees and process time.
  13. Demolition debris left over including broken bricks, roof tiles, concrete and paving etc is considered building waste and will remain on the site surface. Whilst Home Demolitions does make an effort to remove all material from site utilising a shaker bucket and heavy machinery to track and grade the soil, we do recommend that if excavating after demolition; that the first one meter of top soil be considered general solid waste, with potential for the odd brick, stone or terracotta pipe to be present.
  14. If the job requires any concrete, brick or masonry cutting to avoid damage, or to retain, fencing and surrounding buildings and avoid damage to neighbour’s property, such works need to be discussed with the estimator and any variables will be addressed and cost estimated in the estimator’s notes. All concrete, brick or masonry cutting will be priced on a job by job basis. Home Demolitions does not accept responsibility for any damage to under earth services located directly below or within 100mm of the area to be cut. Please be aware that charges may change due to rise and fall or unforeseen circumstances. Alternatively, the owner may wish to organise their own concrete cutter contractor prior to our team commencing work.
  15. No items, fittings or features are to be removed or disturbed from the property without the prior consent in writing from Home Demolitions, this includes Structures, windows, doors, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, bricks, stone, pergolas, and sheds. In the instance that salvageable materials are removed or damaged from the site, the quotation will be amended to reflect the monetary loss of the goods in which subsidise the total cost of demolition.
  16. The title holder is responsible for the removal of any domestic waste within the property not specified within the scope of works, including waste, furniture, non-fixed joinery or household items. Materials left within the property will increase the overall tipping mass of the site thus in turn creating an increased cost of removal. Disposal of mattresses a charged at $50.00+GST in accordance with waste classification laws for Australian landfill sites.
  17. A fifteen percent deposit is required prior to commencing any on site works and is under no circumstances refundable for any reason other than failure to obtain DA. The deposit is utilised to pay for preliminary site works and measures such as establishing a project management team and SafeWork cover documentation and permits. In the event that your local council rejects the submitted DA a partial refund will be issued less administration and on site costs.
 Upon receipt of deposit, a date for demolition will be booked in accordance with pre-existing or scheduled works. Home Demolitions requires at least 10 days notice if you wish to modify or reschedule this date with rebooking or cancellation fees applying to changes made with less than 10 days notice.
  18. Payment in full is required on the date of site completion. Delays in payment may result in interest being charged on the outstanding amount and in accordance with The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payments Act 1999, NSW – Until payment is received in full for works completed, Home Demolitions will remain in possession of the site and is legally entitled to leave and store machinery, equipment, bins and other goods on the property. Payment in full is also required for release of clearance certificates for properties requiring the removal of asbestos.
  19. Asbestos or any other material considered hazardous (AS2601 Demolition of Structures) will be removed/handled in accordance with OH&S regulations and protocols (Safe handling of asbestos 2011 & Asbestos in soils 2011 & NOHSC:1008 2004). All material disposed from site are transported to authorised recycling, approved disposal yards or EPA approved landfill locations. Employees and Subcontractors engaged in performing any on site works hold relevant NSW SafeWork licences and are qualified to supervise and remove asbestos from demolition sites. No works on site will be permitted by any tradesperson or builder unless included upon Home Demolitions’ SafeWork NSW Demolition Licence and Asbestos Removal Licence, up until the point that a clearance certificate has been issued and the site has been deemed clear of any potentially hazardous substances. Non-compliance will result in in the caseation of all works on site; at which point SafeWork will be instructed to attend the property to enforce mandatory bans and restrictions for non-licenced personnel until a clearance has been issued.
  20. Installation of mandatory temporary fencing prior to and during demolitions works is limited to only 30 meters within a standard residential contract price. Allowances for additional fencing will be calculated in accordance to the additional meterage required. Temporary fencing will be removed upon completion of demolition works unless otherwise agreed prior to the completion date or if long term hire has been requested. If fencing is to be supplied by the title holder or builder it must be erected no less than 10 working days prior to the scheduled demolition start date to prevent delays to essential preliminary works such as service abolishment, salvage and asbestos measures. Home Demolitions reserves the right to delay planned site works without penalty for delays resulting from third party fencing providers.
  21. Undisclosed or concealed materials will incur additional costs in accordance with their type and volume. It is the title holders responsibility to advise Home Demolitions of any locations known to contain asbestos or asbestos contaminated materials during inspection or tender submission. Although all materials to be removed from a site may be visually inspected upon a quotation being generated, the estimator is unable to perform a scientifically accurate analysis of a materials composition on site thus is left to rely on industry experience and information provided by the title holder in relation to known contaminants and their locations. Materials both hazardous and not are often buried or concealed underneath other slabs or structures that may not be part of the original structure design such as additional rooms or renovations likewise asbestos sheeting is commonly concealed behind additional cladding or plasterboard, if not brought to the attention of Home Demolitions, the safe removal of these materials may incur additional charges. All contaminant provisions are outlined in the scope of works provided as part of the quotation process, any and all materials discovered after commencement of works not included to the itemised scope are considered a variation to the original agreement and as such will require signed agreement/s from the title holder before work can continue. The removal of footings, piers, stone, concrete or the like is performed to the industry standard of 300mm with anything requiring further excavation being calculated as per the requirements. Concrete slabs are assumed to be no greater than 200mm thick in line with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Any slab exceeding this will entail an additional cost to account for the use of a hydraulic hammer and the cost of removing and disposing of additional materials.
  22. In the event of a contractual variation pertaining to undiscovered, undisclosed or hidden materials upon commencement or during the scope of works outlined within the quotation the title holder, project manager or other organiser of the site works will be contacted immediately with a detailed outline of the variation including photographs and any other relevant information or evidence of the material or structure. 
Once supplied with a written quotation for the additional works to be performed in order to satisfy the original scope, the title holder or project manager is required to provide instructions on how Home Demolitions is to proceed within 48 hours of being notified “If asbestos is present” (AS2601).
    A) The title holder, project manager or client authorises Home Demolitions to proceed with the additional works at the agreed amount to complete the demolition.
    B) The title holder, project manager or client engages the services of an alternate contractor for the completion of works not identified in the original scope provided by Home Demolitions.
    B.1) Asbestos or other hazardous material contaminated/containing variations are required by law to be processed and disposed of correctly in no more than 48 hours from the point of discovery (AS2601). In the event that an external contractor is employed for the remediation of the asbestos variation, Home Demolitions will be required to exit the site immediately and remove all equipment, personnel and machinery licensed under Home Demolitions. Exisiting permits for asbestos removal and demolition organised through SafeWork NSW will be retracted with amended notifications to neighbouring properties and councils being issued advising that Home Demolitions are no longer overseeing the project and thus take no responsibility for works on site. Note: Immobilisation and remobilisation of all machinery and personnel from site incurs the cost of transport ($575+gst) each way and a minimum of 4 hours per person at industry standard rates OR a stand down rate of ($690+gst) per day in addition to administrative fees to reinstate permits, approvals and the notification of relevant parties. Prior to Home Demolitions returning to site to complete the remaining works, the title holder, project manager or client MUST provide a copy of a Contaminated Materials Report as performed by a hygienist or accredited contractor prior to remediation and also a Clearance Report once again performed by a hygienist or accredited contractor confirmed that the hazard has been remedied and no longer posses a danger to those on site. 
C) In the event that the title holder, project manager or client wishes to abandon, place on hold or engage another contractor to complete the project; Home Demolitions will calculate a total cost to date taking into account the resources utilised, materials removed and works completed on site. An invoice for the total works completed will be generated and will be payable in accordance with section (18) of the aforementioned terms and conditions of trade
  23. Within the supplied quotation exists a field titled Estimator/Client Notes – This area is utilised for specific details pertaining to the site with clearly outlined scope to encompass any anomalies or property precise areas to be addressed during the demolition procedure. Please check thoroughly to ensure that provisions for individual concerns or requests are made in this field.
  24. The above quotation is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Changes to NSW Government levies in relation to tipping and waste management can dramatically fluctuate and produce variations to the initial price estimates. If wishing to proceed after this time, please advise Home Demolition as certain elements may need to be recalculated. Likewise, quotations that have been accepted and a deposit paid with expected works not scheduled to commence within 90 days of the estimate being supplied may also be subject to revisions in accordance with current rates for light mixed waste, green waste, concrete and brick waste.
  25. Upon completion of demolition the site will be prepared for construction by means of tracking the surface which utilises the weight of an excavator to ensure a consistent and uniform surface for the builder. This process has the potential to cause vibrational damage to surrounding properties including retaining walls, fencing structures and in some extreme circumstances movement may occur in inadequate or structurally unsound footings which has the potential to cause stress fractures to subsiding walls. This nature of damage is unforeseeable and as such Home Demolitions takes no responsibility for any damages resulting from standard procedures. If the Title holder or Contracted builder has concerns of existing or future movements and damages likely to result from the operation of heavy machinery on site, it is advised by Home Demolitions to conduct dilapidation reports for surrounding structures prior to demolition in conjunction with vibrational monitoring. In instances where heavy machinery is likely to disrupt or cause damage to surrounding structures, Home Demolitions are able to provide alternative estimates for the use of necessary machinery, equipment and techniques for the demolition of the property.