Full Home Demolitions

If you are looking to do a full knock down rebuild, Home Demolitions will completely remove any and all structures on your property. safely sorting and removing all material leaving a blank canvas for your new build.


Garage Demolitions

Taking your property from old to new! Looking to add or revamp an extension, need a new home office, knock down the garage or demolish that granny flat out the back. Whatever it is we can help.


Asbestos Removal and Remediation

With a Class A Friable Asbestos license our team of trained and certified professionals can evaluate and remove any asbestos be it inside or outside the home. With Home Demolitions there is no need to worry.

Free with your Demolition

We at Home Demolitions will provide you with all the documents you require FREE of charge prior and upon completion of your project:

  • Demolition License
  • Asbestos License
  • Certificate of currency of General and Products Liability Insurances
  • Certificate of currency Workers Compensation
  • Waste management Plan
  • Safe work method statements
  • Asbestos clearance certificate by an independent competent person or Hygienist
  • Dial Before You Dig requests
  • Demolition clearance certification

We will also notify WorkCover NSW to obtain demolition permit, also give you the notice to disperse to your neighbour’s advising them of the demolitions and asbestos removal we have planned.

Disconnection of Services & Service Provided:

  • Disconnection of water at meter and supply of tap fitting to meter.
  • Disconnection of single phase above ground electricity and return of meter to supplier.
  • Disconnection of above ground telephone line, Optus & Foxtel cables from property, if present.
  • Disconnection of sewer to the branch only.

As well as 30m of temporary fencing is supplied erected and dismantled for the duration of a months hire

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Call us or submit your details via our quote request form, one of our experienced estimators will arrange a site inspection for an obligation free quote.

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We organise all legislative requirements & approvals for the works to be exercised.

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Temporary fencing is installed & services are disconnected.

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Identify the hazards and consider the precautions to be taken.

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Asbestos & other restricted materials are professionally removed by our expert team.

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We carefully bring down your house while loading out separated materials to accredited recycling.

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The cleared land is levelled flat to the builders specification ready for your new build.

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All of the documentation & paperwork your builder will require is released.

Home Demolitions, it's who we are and it's what we do!

Planning a knock down rebuild, leave the knock down to us, a one stop service for everything you need to get your site ready.

We demolish over 300 houses each and every year all around the city and in the greater Sydney area, working for builders, developers and directly with homeowners.

Our company will take you through the process from start to finish, you don’t need to know anything about demolition, asbestos, council approvals or certification.

Our friendly and informative staff, both in our office and on our sites will help you every step of the way, always keeping you up to date on all progress and developments.

with a focus on recycling and reclamation all waste is sorted so that we are doing all we can to reduce the environmental impact of your knock-down.


Simple and Sustainable

We are always striving to keep as much from going to landfill as possible while ensuring all asbestos safety standards are met.

Home demolitions, all works are carried out are in accordance with Australian standard as2601, comply with national work health and safety legislation and have been approved under section 274 of the NSW work health and safety act 2011.


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