Residential Demolition – Rodd Point, NSW 2046

Sure, Rodd Point might be small, but it boasts huge appeal. Located in Sydney’s inner west, Rodd Point is conveniently only 9km away from the CBD and features stunning views of Iron Cove. Given these water views and the suburb’s small size, it is not surprising that property in Rodd Point is in high demand.

This high demand is also exacerbated by the fact that the suburb is made up of houses and lacks significant supply of the medium or high density dwellings that dominate other suburbs so close to the city. This housing supply is made up of older brick houses and more modern houses. These newer dwellings are often narrow and tall to take advantage of the suburb’s water views.

Much like the suburb in which it is located, this property was rather small and made for a tight access job. Making things even trickier was the presence of a low hanging power line located just outside the property which limited the size of the trucks we were able to bring in to remove the rubble and debris.

Like many other older houses in the suburb, this brick home was being demolished with the intention of rebuilding a new, more modern house with a design that makes better use of the land’s space and vicinity close to the water.

Project Name
Residential demolition
Project Location
Rodd Point, NSW 2046