Residential Demolition – Lidcombe, NSW 2141

Unlike many of the other suburbs featured on our projects page, the area of Lidcombe is a very well balanced mix of industrial, commercial and residential properties.

The Suburb itself is located in Sydney’s Western suburbs and resides within the limits of both Cumberland Council and The City of Parramatta local governments. Historically speaking, the greater area of Lidcombe “which once included the site now known as Sydney Olympic Park” was utilised primarily as livestock holding and abattoirs – with many by 1910 becoming backed by the NSW State government to encourage livestock processing locally, this in turn encouraged related industry utilising byproducts such as leather goods and glue manufacturing.

Originally inhibited by its location during early settlement, Sydney’s western suburbs were exposed to a more diverse and freely flowing general market as vehicle ownership became the norm combined with the construction of The M Western Motorway which saw many opportunistic individuals opening a wide range of retails shops and in turn transformed the area once dominated by factories and their workers to a suburban area not dissimilar to those found closer to the cities CBD.

This particular structure dates somewhere around the exact turning point of the suburb, being built in the early 60’s to accomodate a rapidly increasing population – surprisingly, despite the profound use of asbestos during the era, this two bedroom house contained very little, with only a small amount of bonded asbestos uncovered underneath a couple of concrete slabs, which are believed to be extensions placed some time after initial construction. Being a relatively small home and conveniently located just off Parramatta Road within a short distance of multiple wast disposal facilities this entire demolition was both cheap and fast with a total turnaround time of 2 days to achieve a completely level site real for a new home.

Project Name
Residential demolition
Project Location
Lidcombe, NSW 2141