Residential Demolition – Cammeray, NSW 2062

This week we take another look at Sydney’s Lower North Shore, because why not appreciate a part of the city which was described by one internet user as simply “The Best”.


Thanks #Andresm12 for such an indepth review ~ Via Homely

Cammeray is a relatively dense suburb with a total land area of about one and a half square kilometres (on par with Surry Hills) thus making it a prime target for development with new construction or knock down rebuilds to supply the ever growing demand for residential and commercial structures; Which surprisingly is what this set of 4 terrace properties were, well, kind of. Like many other older style buildings in Sydney’s inner, throughout the years these side by side brick buildings were utilised as both residential above and commercial below, sometimes the other way around and sometimes neither or both. For the past few decades though they have served as restaurants, beauty clinics and by the looks of things, a dance studio? Unfortunately, the buildings had certainly seen well past their prime and were literally starting to fall apart, which believe it or not DOESNT make our job of demolition any easier, in fact it makes it twice as difficult. The buildings are at the time of writing about fifty percent demolished and are scheduled for completion within the week. moving forward, the proposed replacement structure will once again be sporting restaurants below with a number of apartments above. Check out the project in greater detail here:

Project Name
Residential demolition
Project Location
Cammeray, NSW 2062