Site Benching & Levelling

  • If you are demolishing your home with the intention of rebuilding, then the site must be appropriately benched and levelled before the concrete slab can be laid and construction can begin.
  • Benching ensures the land slopes away from the foundation of your home while site levelling provides your contracted builder with a perfectly level base to lay the concrete slab on.
  • Home Demolitions offer comprehensive benching and levelling services, eliminating the need for a third-party excavation service and meaning that construction of your new dream home can begin even sooner!
Diagram depicting a concrete slab on an orange clay base, supported by concrete piers, with a fill material on one side, featuring essential details of site benching & levelling.

We can fill sites so they are levelled and ready for your builder to lay the slab.

Providing Site Benching & Levelling solutions

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